What A Session Looks Like

Welcome to a safe space where through compassionate touch and conscious energy, all of the parts of yourself are given the opportunity to relax, reset and reconnect.  This is a space in which, if you choose, we invite beings, for your highest good,  to share in the enlightenment process.  Through Divine love I may communicate with your ancestors and guides to help bring connection with them and the unconscious parts of yourself.

  • You may want to come in for a relaxing massage that helps you to reset from physical stress so that you may reconnect with yourself and your life.
  • Or go a little deeper and through massage and energy techniques, allow your cells, nerves, muscles and joints to let go and feel relief from pain as your chi is restored.
  • Then as your physical body begins awakening, you have the opportunity to consciously look at the beliefs and images that have helped to create the blocks and disconnect in your life; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and learn tools to live fully.

Session Pricing

1 hour session – $120

90 minute session – $180

Add Ons

Add on to either of these sessions for $20 with:

  • Hot towels with
  • Aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils