Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is for patients with Cancer or people with a

history of Cancer.

Why is it important to receive a massage from a Massage Therapist that has been trained in Oncology Massage?

There are numerous considerations in Massage Therapy that are taught in Oncology training that makes the massage experience safe and comfortable.

Even with a history of Cancer protocols are taken to insure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable massage.

For a patient with active Cancer, we will look at:

  • type of Cancer and Masticying locations to determine amount of massage pressure for different parts of your body
  • medications that you are taking and the side effects from them, like nuesau, brusing, dizziness to dertermine position on table and massage pressure
  • your level of activity that your able to handle for the different speed of massage
  • special considerations like ports and removal of Lymph Nodes to determine comfortable laying positions and bolstering for maximum comfort and relaxation

To provide you with the best service possible, please click on the links below,fill out the forms and email them back to me before your appointment.  This will help me to create your personal unique care plan.

Oncology form link

Physician form link