Brennan Healing Science

Barbara Brennan Healing Science

Developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan over 30 years of research, Brennan Healing Science is a, enlightened, healing modality based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. Brennan Healing Science is a system of healing that combines hands-on healing techniques with spiritual and psychological processes touching every aspect of life.

Utilizing what I have learned in my six years of studies and over 25 years of practice, I have set my intension to:

  • Establish a deep, heart-centered connection with my clients;
  • Promote the physical healing of many disease conditions;
  • Strive to maintain a nurturing, safe environment including a sense of well-being and emotional stability for my clients.

The Human Energy-Consciousness System or Human Aura

The Human Energy Field is the manifestation of the universal energy that is intimately involved with human life. It can be described as a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, emits its own characteristic radiation and is usually called the “aura.”

The auric field is a quantum leap deeper into our personality than is our physical body. It is at this level of our being that our psychological processes take place. The Human Energy Field is the vehicle for all psychosomatic reactions.

The physical body arises out of the energy field, thus an imbalance or distortion in this field will eventually cause dis-ease in the physical body that it governs. Therefore, healing distortions in the field could bring about healing in the physical body.

The Human Energy Field is composed of an infinite number of levels. I focused primarily on the seven lower levels throughout my four-year course of study in Brennan Healing Science. Each level penetrates through the body and extends outward from the skin. Each successive level is of a “higher frequency” or a “higher octave.” Each extends out from the skin several inches farther than the one within it of lower frequency. The odd-numbered levels are structured fields of standing, scintillating light beams. The first, third, fifth, and seventh levels of this field are structured in a specific form. The even-numbered levels—the second, fourth, and sixth—are filled with formless substance/energy.  This allows energy to be evaluated utilizing a hands-off methodology.

The seven Chakras that we work are directly associated with specific organs and parts of the body. Our chakras spin as a vortex. As we are processing or not processing, these chakras will spin clockwise, counterclockwise, vertical, horizontal or a combination of all. Since they relate in harmony with our mental thoughts, processes and wounds, we can find our unconscious thoughts and splits. as we find these unconscious thoughts, wounds and parts of ourselves that we are dis-connected with, we invite those parts of ourselves into our consciousness to love and have compassion for. Mending the dis-connect and having more of ourselves to be fully alive instead of a reactive state.

As a Brennan Healing Science Practitioners and Barbara Brennan School of Healing graduate, I offer hands-on energy healing and distance healing to promote physical health, emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and personal fulfillment.