Deckllan has done work on me several times in the last 3 years always with notable results. Once I was experiencing sharp angina chest pains for many hours and after working with me briefly, the pain quickly subsided. Having had quite a bit of energy work through the years I found this to be very dramatic as I was considering visiting the emergency room. Another time I had strained some muscles and ligaments in my neck after my 250 lb. boyfriend tripped and fell on my neck while I was sleeping. I was in a great deal of pain and I had 2 sessions. I was greatly improved immediately after the first session. 3 days later I had the second session and was able to sleep without muscle relaxers and ice packs that night. The important fact is that I felt much less pain IMMEDIATELY afterward and the pain did not return to its previous level. Deckllan is also a healing wizard when it comes to animals. There are 3 rescued pit bulls that live with me as well. The most recent addition to my family came from a place of extreme abuse and had all the issues that come along with that including, growling at strangers who come into the house. This 4 yr. old dog also did not know how to play. Deckllan came to the house and the dog laid down to be worked on and now the dog jumps around and plays like a puppy.  JS



Deckllan’s work is amazing! His thoughtful bodywork seems to center in on issues one might be having and have both restorative and palliative results. Deckllan, come back to Western Massachusetts! Austin’s gain is our loss!  TH


Hey, I’m going to chime in on how awesome Deckllan is.  Every once in a while you run into a therapist who zones in on whatever is bothering you (either physically or psychically) and just plain helps you.  That would be Deckllan.  MH



Simply said, Deckllan is a brilliant massage therapist.  As a hands-on healer, he really has it all: utmost professionalism, kindness and care that radiates from his effortlessly, and the skill and knowledge that is backed by experience and top notch education.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Deckllan utilizing his massage therapy skills as well as his wonderful energy work.  Better yet, in the right space, he uses both massage and energy together for the ultimate experience in relaxation, stress release, and total physical and mental care.  It is a joy to receive massage from Deckllan’s expert hands!!  AT



Deckllan is an excellent massage therapist.  I have been fortunate to have received a massage from him.  I highly recommend him.  I will be back, Deckllan!!!  GR